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Now imagine it without diapers.

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Your baby needs six to 10 diapers per day, costing upwards of $100 a month. If you live at or below the poverty level, you might have to choose between paying bills, buying food...or buying diapers (which you can't buy with WIC or food stamps). Without enough diapers for routine changes, you start reusing dirty diapers, creating rashes and health problems - your baby cries more, stress levels go up and parenting just got tougher...sometimes you even consider doing  things to stop the crying that are wrong.

We get diapers for these moms - and change lives.

"I have to admit I never considered donating diapers, but perhaps it should be something that more of us do on a regular basis."

The need for diapers among low-income families is growing fast. Last year the child poverty rate increased to 26% in Denver, based on a family of four living on $23,550 a year.
                                                                (Denver Post, March 19, 2013)

The need for diapers in Denver isn't seasonal, so to reduce the diaper need we work all year. $2 buys 10 diapers (a day's worth), and we currently distribute 9,000+ diapers a month. Our commitments need your help.

The Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot is a Colorado non-profit that raises awareness and provides diapers for agencies to directly share with struggling families. Learn why we do this and how your gifts make it possible.

Our RMDD MOTHERS DAY DIAPER DRIVE needs to collect 40,000 diapers in the Denver Metro area this year - and what a great way to honor mothers! Host a diaper drive through  your community, business or church - its easy!

We collect and distribute diapers for families in need - and we want your help!

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Our Mission

We occasionally hear from critics who say that our diaper efforts are "just another handout to people who don't want to work". We disagree, because a supply of clean diapers can actually put struggling parents back into the workforce.

In a poverty setting, diapers are a staple that are often curtailed because of expense. Yet without a supply of clean diapers, babies can't use  subsidized childcare...and without childcare, parents can't go to work because they have to stay with the babies.Diapers can change that.

To fix a problem, the first step is to acknowledge it. And when we tell people about the diaper need in Denver, they want to help. The Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot is a non-profit volunteer organization that collects and distributes fresh diapers through agencies in Denver to help keep babies clean, dry and healthy. Join us today -
let us know how you can help!

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These Denver metro agencies receive diapers from RMDD for their residents and clients. Thank You!


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