We collect and distribute diapers for families in need - and we want your help!

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It will take 6.57 billion diapers to keep every American baby living in poverty clean and dry this year. That's based on 3 million children under age 3 living in poverty in the United States, and a conservative six changes a day. The Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot is an all-volunteer organization, so admittedly, the scale of our operation does not match the enormity of the need, even here in Denver. That's why we need your help!

We are emphasizing Mother's Day as a focal point for Diaper Drives this year. By hosting a Diaper Drive, you can help mothers and their babies across the metro area AND raise awareness about this diaper need.

Diaper Drives are a chance to have fun and be creative, because no Drive is too big or too small.
Any time you get together with friends, invite them to bring a box of diapers with them...and you just had a Diaper Drive! Here's a quick list of groups that can hold a drive:

  • Schools (a great community service project!)
  • Social organizations and clubs (book clubs, moms’ groups)
  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
  • Youth groups, hobby clubs
  • Sports teams of all ages
  • Businesses and business organizations
  • Your family and friends (have a special occasion or event scheduled? Ask your guests to bring a package of diapers in lieu of a gift)

a Successful mother's day diaper drive -
in five easy steps

1. Pick a leader, a date, a location, and set a goal
  1. Every Diaper Drive needs a leader - someone to motivate donors and be in charge. This person will also be the contact person for Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot to ask/answer questions and do follow-ups.
  2. Mother's Day is a perfect day to highlight a Diaper Drive! Pick a start and finish date for your Diaper Drive, which should last between a week and a month. Be sure to give your donors a couple of weeks notification time so they can fully participate!
  3. Choose a place where people can drop off diapers and baby wipes. Easy access helps, so it can be a library, clubhouse, church or even your home. You can have more than one drop-off point.
  4. Set a diaper goal, and keep track of your donations with a giant drawing of a thermometer or a stack of diapers that can be filled in during the diaper drive. - it really motivates your donors and achieving it is a great accomplishment!
2. Pick a theme - the more fun, the better
  1. Think of a fun theme - it can be anything from “Moms Helping Moms” to "Shower the Babies" to “Stuff the Bus,” which allows for a large yellow school bus as a great visual for the collection of diapers. Speaking of visuals, set a goal and keep track of your donations in an exciting way, such as a giant drawing of a thermometer or a stack of diapers that a volunteer can fill in during the Diaper Drive.
3. Find volunteers that are fun to work with
  1. You’ll need volunteers to help out, but make sure they’re people you can count on. Give them specific tasks, like putting up promotional flyers or watching over the Diaper Drive.
4. Get the word out and raise awareness
  1. Try to start promoting your Diaper Drive at least two weeks before it starts. Publicity is crucial, so now isn't the time to be shy about reminding people - spread the word! Utilize newsletters, email, bulletins, Facebook, Twitter – or any other way you can reach friends and community members. Send out reminders before, during and at the finish of the Drive. Ask local businesses to hang your promotional flyers (which we can email to you). We will also promote your Drive on our website...and don’t forget to ask the news desks at your local newspaper and TV stations to cover your Diaper Drive. Visit their website or call the news desk to connect with them. This is about changing lives and bringing awareness to the diaper issue!
5. Collect the diapers and wipes - and have FUN!
  1. As the donations arrive, be sure to fill in your Goal Thermometer and remember to thank  everyone - remind them of what a difference they are making in the lives of families across Denver. Take pictures and let us know how your Drive is doing so we can publicize it on our site. Giving is an act of love - something we can celebrate every time we experience it!
  2. At the end of your Diaper Drive, tally up a total and have a volunteer get the diapers to the Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot, or we can come out and collect them. 
  3. Now take a moment and congratulate yourselves...your group just made an enormous difference in the lives of moms and babies in the Denver community!